JMT Hiker Resupply

Season runs from June 15 through September 15.

Florence Lake, California

Florence Lake in conjunction with the Muir Trail Ranch has been delivering thousands of resupply buckets for JMT hikers.

Direct Bucket Drop Off At Florence Lake


Resupply buckets may be paid for and dropped off directly at Florence Lake. All buckets must be clearly marked with the recipient name, address, and estimated pickup date. The label should be on both the lid and the side of the bucket. A bucket label PDF can be printed here. The label needs to be completely covered over with clear tape. The bucket lid needs to be completely sealed and waterproofed by taping the lid around the entire circumference of the bucket. Please drop buckets off 7 days prior to ETA at Muir Trail Ranch. Florence Lake bucket drop offs cannot be paid with a credit card. THEY MUST BE PAID IN CASH.


Bucket Resupply Via USPS

Buckets may also be mailed via the USPS. For all buckets not directly dropped off at Florence Lake, please follow the purchase and shipping instructions found here.